Bridges and dental implants are the best solutions to replace lost teeth
  • Daher   •   August 10, 2021

Bridges and dental implants are the best solutions to replace lost teeth

Dental Implant

The rapid advancement in dentistry has brought innovative ways, which have changed the way of oral care treatment procedures. A dental implant is an innovative way to artificially change a natural tooth; implants are inserted in the jawbone to support the replacement crown bridge or dentures. It is a perfect solution for individuals missing one or more than one teeth. However, you can opt for affordable dentures¸ but the dental implant is a more promising solution due to the following reasons.

Surprisingly, the average adult aged 30-45 in Canada is missing 7 teeth, says the expert dentist of Ontario, London. There is a possibility that out of 7 missing teeth, 4 are wisdom teeth which means these people are still living without 4 natural teeth. Therefore, we might know someone who has lost teeth or may lose them in future and need to decide to replace them. Though Bridges and dentures are, restore damaged teeth and these methods are still practised for teeth replacement. Many of us are not aware of the difference between bridges and dentures. Bridges are just teeth and dentures are attached to the mouth using the clasps that clip easily on natural teeth.
These days, dentistry has revolutionized and there are innovative ways to replace the teeth. Below we will explain the highly recommended teeth replacement options, which have been practiced for decades in Ontario London.


  • The expert dentist in Ontario London claims that dental implants have a higher success rate, which is 85% as compared to other tooth replacement procedures.
  • Bridges and dentures are, restore damaged teeth but they are not as permanent as the dental implants
  • Low maintenance is required apart from oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups
  • Implant fits easily in your jawbone and it feels that you have natural teeth
  • The only solution of teeth replacement which prevents the loss of jawbone
  • Teeth adjacent to the available gap in the jaw which does not require further modification
  • Due to long-life span, dental implants are cost-effective as compared to affordable dentures

Which is better, dentures or implants?

If you are looking for the answer for ‘What is better denture or implant? You must know that implants are a promising solution as compared to dentures. There are multiple reasons that will make you believe that an implant is a better option as implants are a cost-effective solution in long term and it prevents jawbone loss. Additionally, an implant requires low maintenance and fits quite easily in your jawbone.

All on four implant-supported dentures
Thankfully, it is possible to support the full arch of the lower denture with four implants. However, the upper denture requires almost six dentures to fulfil the purpose. In this treatment, two implants are placed in the right side of the arch in position, which is already occupied by the front teeth. The other two implants are placed on either side at a 45-degree angle. The overdenture will clip on to implants utilizing the attachments on its fittings


  • An affordable option as fewer implants are required to accommodate the complete arch of teeth
  • Offer stable support as compared to affordable dentures
  • Make it easy for you to sit in gathering and enjoy multiple foods without any hesitation
  • Can be built without a platelet so you will feel less bulky and enjoy eating as you do with your natural teeth.
  • Removable easily for cleaning

When to choose all-on-four dental implants
The main reason for selecting the overdenture treatment is that it is cost-friendly and even though denture is easily removable, it allows the patients to feel like having fixed natural teeth. Moreover, individuals who suffer from jawbone loss also recommend the treatment. The reason being, implants are placed the Implant-Supported the jawbone where the bone is naturally thick and capable of offering more support to implants

Implant Supported Implant-supported
When it comes to implant-supported fixed bridges, you do not have to replace every single tooth with a single implant. An implant-supported fixed bridge will be used to restore multiple missing teeth and it is also possible to replace the complete arch of teeth. The number of required implants will depend on the type of implant used by the dentist and the number of restored teeth.
The implant-supported fixed bridge will look the same as a tooth-supported fixed bridge and the dentist can easily screw it in the required place. The expert dentist of Ontario London explains that sometimes we have to select to screw the bridge onto the implant, which makes it convenient to retrieve the bridge. The screw creates a hole in the bridge and covers the tooth colored-composite resin so they are virtually invisible.


  • Offers great aesthetic results
  • Gives a natural look and makes it easy to have chit chat and eat naturally without any pain.
  • Quite easy to look after and it is easy to brush and floss like an ordinary tooth-supported fixed bridge
  • The cost is affordable as compared to changing a single tooth with a single dental implant
  • It is stable and lasts for longer years
  • No requirement of the dentist to grind down healthy teeth

When to select Implant-Supported Fixed Bridges
The option of implant-supported fixed bridges is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy a natural look of teeth. Although it is a bit expensive treatment as compared to the above-mentioned procedures, it will make you forget that you have lost your natural teeth. The implant-supported fixed bridges allow you to eat and drink naturally and provide the best aesthetics. The bridges can be built to replace any missing gum tissue using gum colored porcelain.
Above are the effective ways of teeth replacement and most of them are practiced in Ontario, London. The expert dentist has claimed that most people prefer dental implants because of the high success rate and long-term support. Additionally, an implant prevents jawbone loss and requires low maintenance. Having a dental implant will make you feel that you have natural teeth.