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Dental Cleaning and Polishing of Teeth | Daher Dental

No one in this world wants to deal with oral health problems. However, dental issues such as toothache or gum problems require proper attention. Additionally, individuals tend to visit the clinic for oral checkups. There are a lot of things one can do to maintain a shiny and bright smile. These methods are dental cleaning and tooth polishing. 

If you are confused between them, don’t worry, as we will explain both of them in detail. 

Dental Cleaning  

The expert dentist of Daher dental clinic indicates that people dreed visiting clinics for the cleaning process. They apprehend it to be a complex, time taking and painful procedure. However, our responsibility is to offer them a friendly environment and know that cleaning will not ask them to climb a mountain. It is just a series of steps where a dentist performs an examination and cleans the teeth. 

There are different cleanings enlisted below  

  • Prophylaxis cleaning 
  • Scaling and root planning cleaning  
  • Periodontal cleaning  
  • Gross debridement Cleaning  

Although the purpose of the above methods is the same, clean teeth and remove the crust, below is a comprehensive process of teeth cleaning. 

Initial Examination  

Dental Cleaning Procedure
does not take days or weeks but is a simple step that requires 50-60 minutes. First, the dental hygienists perform a deep analysis of teeth. The examination before cleaning is necessary to check whether the patient has any sign of gingivitis or not. Suppose the hygienist does not observes any problem, then he recommends the patient for cleaning. However, if he finds any issue, he has to call the senior dentist to ensure it is OK to proceed with cleaning. 

Removing plaque and tartar 
The second stage requires plaque and tartar removal for deep cleaning. Many expert dentists claim that teeth cleaning is recommended, and we often request our patients to see pictures of dental cleaning before and after the process. It gives them confidence, and they ask for teeth cleaning more confidently. The dental hygienist uses a mirror to inspect the inner area, and if he finds any tartar, he uses a scaler to remove it. The plaque removal will create a bit of noise but there is nothing to worry about.  

Some dentist claim that plaque removal activity might take some time depending on plaque and tartar quantity inside teeth. Moreover, dental hygienist advises patient to brush and floss regularly. 

Teeth Cleaning  
After eliminating plaque and tartar, the medical officer brushes the patient’s teeth with a high-powered electronic brush. The brush also creates scary noise, but it is the best way to get the remaining tartar after the cleaning in stage 2. Additionally, some clinics use whitening toothpaste to get desired results, which is often a recommended method for whitening teeth and enjoying a confident smile. 

If you are an expert at flossing, this step is not for you. However, expert dentist floss the teeth of their patients after cleaning with an electric brush. Apart from undergoing the whitening procedure. Many people prefer to use a teeth whitening kit. These kits are ideal for cleaning as they are cost-effective and user-friendly. 

Teeth Whitening Kit  
A simple and effective way of having a bright smile. A teeth whitening kit is also part of teeth cleaning. These days, multiple options are available for whitening teeth, including whitening gels, kinds of toothpaste, strips, etc. There are several advantages of using these whitening kits. 

  • Bright small 
  • Boosted confidence 
  • Better Oral health 
  • Quick 
  • Long-lasting results 
  • Safer 

Above are the benefits which an individual can get using the whitening kits. In addition to that, the most promising advantage of whining kit is their prices. People scare to for complex dental whitening procedures because of high costs. However, you can get a tooth whitening toothpaste by spending as low as $10. That offers desired results without causing any side effects. Another advantage is that you don’t have to travel to visit a medical facility for your oral treatment. Instead, order your kit online, and your item will be delivered to your doorstep. 

However, many experts indicate that the use of whitening kits is not advantageous for long term. This is because these kits are made by small manufacturers which are not trusted. Additionally, your teeth will not stay white for an extended period.  

What are teeth polishing  
Teeth polishing is also a process of dental cleaning. Some patients enjoy the procedure due to its simplicity. The expert medical officer uses a small rubber and polishing paste. In case of stains on teeth, dental hygienist uses a unique polishing system that is called air polishing. In this process, pressure mixed with water and polish is applied to teeth. Below are types of teeth polishing. 

Pasts for polishing Teeth 
Pastes that are used for polishing teeth are called prophylaxis that offers efficient cleaning of teeth. Expert dental hygienists can use medium and coarse kinds of toothpaste depending on their preferences. Both tubes of toothpaste are designed to remove stains from teeth. However, many experts disagree with using these kinds of toothpaste. The medium and coarse are kinds of toothpaste that can increase teeth roughness and lead to broken tooth enamel. 
These professionals believe that good kinds of toothpaste are ideal for teeth cleaning. But it does not offer long-term benefits. However, high levels of trials are required to back the claims. 

Air polishing  
Air polishing also refers to dental cleaning, which requires polishing teeth with a jet of air water and an abrasive substance. The expert dentists claim that air polishing effectively removes strains. But a group of dentists explains that it causes damage to the enamel. Sodium bicarbonate is used as a rubbing material for teeth polishing, but glycine is less abrasive and effective. 

Difference between a dental cleaning and dental polishing  
Both of the processes have a sane purpose and require less time. However, cleaning is a painful process as compared to dental polishing. Therefore, people are often hesitant about going to the clinic; contrary to that, individuals enjoy teeth polishing as it is a smooth and comfortable process. Moreover, dentists use rubber cups in a polishing method which offers absolute patient comfort. 

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