• Daher   •   October 11, 2022

How Can Teeth Whitening Services Affect Your Appearance?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that people choose to brighten their smiles. As we know, a white and bright smile improves one’s self-esteem and confidence. People who have straightened and bright teeth tend to smile more which makes them look more presentable and approachable. On the other hand, discolored and stained teeth negatively affect your personality and take away your sparkle. 

People choose different methods for teeth whitening. The most commonly used and preferred teeth whitening procedures are:

People opt for these two methods depending on their requirements and personal preferences. The peroxide bleaching agent is the common material used in both teeth whitening processes. In the in-office teeth whitening procedure, the dentist usually uses almost 15% to 43% peroxide in the composition of the teeth-bleaching mixture. The peroxide bleaching agent either comprises carbamide or hydrogen peroxide.

Why do You Need Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Teeth get stained and discolored due to various factors like genetics, aging, etc. Stained teeth make you self-conscious, which consequently impacts your personality. That’s why people need different teeth whitening services to restore the lost luster of their teeth and to boost their confidence.

Whitened Teeth Make You Look Younger:

A bright and white smile reduces some years from your age. A survey shows that brightened teeth are better than a facelift as they can make you look five years younger without impacting your natural facial structure. After getting teeth whitening treatment, people would notice your bright teeth rather than the fine lines or wrinkles when you smile.

A Bright Smile Uplifts Your Personality:

Clean, aligned, and white teeth can improve your confidence and make you look more presentable. People with bright smiles tend to smile more which adds a positive character to their personalities. Especially when you go for a job interview, you can significantly impact the interviewer and can secure your desired position.

Whitened Teeth are Better for Your Oral Health:

By opting for teeth whitening services, you can also take care of your oral health. To maintain a bright smile, people take care of their oral hygiene by brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day, which eventually benefits their overall dental health.

teeth whitening

Factors that Cause Teeth Discoloration:

There are various factors involved in teeth discoloration that affects your personality by toning down your smile like:

  1. Tobacco 
  2. Poor dental hygiene
  3. Disease
  4. Medications.
  5. Dental materials
  6. Aging
  7. Genetics
  8. Calcium deficiency
  9. Foods and drinks like coffee, tea, colas, and wine. The consumption of certain fruits and vegetables can also stain your teeth.

These are the most common factors that become the reasons for your dull and discolored smile. After having the teeth whitening services, dentists usually recommend to their patients that they should avoid the above-mentioned factors to prevent re-staining and to maintain the results of teeth whitening services.

Five Different Types of Teeth Whitening Services:

There are multiple types of teeth whitening services that people opt for depending on their oral conditions and preferences.

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1. Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening:

People with mild tooth staining often opt for over-the-counter teeth whitening procedures. This includes brightening the teeth by utilizing whitening gels, whitening strips, mouthwashes, and toothpaste. This type of teeth whitening service also proves to be inexpensive because it can remove mild stains. 

In this process, you can also use natural teeth-whitening products like charcoal, coconut oil, or herbal toothpaste. Over-the-counter teeth whitening is economical, easily accessible, and causes lesser teeth sensitivity as compared to other teeth whitening procedures.

LED teeth whitening

2. LED Teeth Whitening Kits:

In the LED teeth whitening procedure, dentists in London Ontario use a bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide, with a blue light that is emitted from a light-emitting diode., LED. People who have severe tooth sensitivity can choose PAP instead of hydrogen peroxide during the teeth whitening process.

People can undergo this procedure at home as well. The at-home LED teeth whitening kits contain serum or gels that contain bleaching agents and trays with LEDs that are applied after whitening gels.

The LED light penetrates the enamel to lift away deeper stains and speeds up the whitening process. The at-home LED teeth whitening treatment prove to be cost-effective and costs around $200. Moreover, this treatment is less time-consuming, easily accessible, and exerts minor to no side effects.

professional teeth whitening

3. Professional (In-Office) Teeth Whitening:

The professional teeth whitening process proves to be more long-lasting and gives rapid results. Before starting this teeth whitening treatment, dentists usually examine the oral health of their patients for the assessment of any previous allergies or infections that might affect the teeth whitening treatment.

During this treatment, dentists generally use a higher concentration of carbamide peroxide. To avoid tooth sensitivity, dentists also apply a protective layer to your gums before starting this procedure.

The professional teeth whitening treatment also includes the utilization of blue light or a laser that speeds up the whitening process. As the results of this type of treatment are rapid and long-lasting, it proves to be more costly than other teeth whitening procedures.

Tray-based teeth whitening

4. Tray-Based Teeth Whitening:

In the tray-based teeth whitening process, a tray is placed in your mouth (containing whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide) for several hours. You can feel a significant improvement in the shade of your teeth in a few weeks after undergoing this teeth-whitening process. 

The tray-based teeth whitening process proves to be economical and convenient as you can have this procedure at your home and can whiten your teeth at your own pace. However, people should take professional dental advice before starting this treatment.

Whitening strips

5. Whitening Strips or Toothpaste:

Some people opt for different whitening strips and toothpaste to brighten their teeth. They are easy to apply, affordable, and simply accessible in markets. If people have slight staining in their teeth, this method proves to be very effective for them. 

After the use of whitening strips and toothpaste, people start seeing the results in the very first week. Moreover, this procedure is absolutely convenient as people can apply the whitening strips or toothpaste in their homes, and this method does not exert any harmful effects on the natural health of teeth.