Bonding Veneers
  • Daher   •   December 19, 2021

How Long Do Bonding Veneers Last?

Dental bonding and veneers are modern-day cosmetic procedures to improve the teeth structure. People often think of them as an exact procedure. However, there is a slight difference between both of them. Tooth bonding or dental bonding is used to restore the chipped or cracked tooth. When it comes to price comparison, bonding is more affordable than veneers. However, veneers are shells used to cover the front teeth. For further clarification, below is a detailed explanation of bonding and veneers.

What are Veneers?

Veneers refer to a dentistry procedure used to restore the front teeth with a shell. They are designed to improve the teeth appearance and are perfect for;

  • Discolored teeth 
  • Mishap pend teeth
  • Broken tooth
  • Chipped tooth 
  • Small teeth

Veneers are ideal for your teeth and prevent them from further damage. The material used for surfaces is porcelain or resin. Both of them last long. Shells are pretty thin, but they become hard once they fit in your teeth—the expert dentists of Daher clinic claim that porcelain is more reliable than resin but costly as well. Veneers doing the procedure are seamless and quick; however, the dentist evaluates your mouth to check any problem. Once he finds everything ok then fits masks and informs you about the aftercare.

Is It Reasonable To Veneer Healthy Teeth?

A highly asked question by the patients is it good to veneer healthy Teeth.  Dentistry is all about balancing your oral health. In an ideal scenario, dentists prefer to maintain a natural look, but teeth can be stained in some circumstances and look ugly. Dental veneers require a tiny portion of teeth to be removed. The expert dentists of Daher clinic claim 0.5mm of teeth is released for the shells.

Moreover, veneers have a border where it meets the natural tooth, which can lead to oral problems. If bacteria approach the surface, it can lead to severe problems like tooth decay. The expert dentists revealed that veneers often fracture; therefore, dentists must remove and re-manufacture them from scratch.

How Does Veneers Last?

Dentists claim that veneers are amongst the reliable dentistry procedures. Masks have a long life and last for years; however, regular brushing and proper care can make them last for more than 20 years. Therefore, you have to follow your dentist’s instructions and take precautions. Another group of dentists indicates that veneers are long-lasting but not indestructible. Negligence in brushing and flossing can cause a fracture in shells, and dentists have to remove it. Please do not use your teeth for rough activities like opening a bottle cap with your teeth, chewing hard candies ice. It could crack veneers. People who have grinding teeth should wear a mouthguard during sleep. In a nutshell, surfaces have pros and cons; therefore, proper care will make them last for a long time, and lack of attention might get you in trouble.

What is Dental Bonding?

A cosmetic procedure like veneers is used to restore chipped and cracked teeth. Ideal for Discoloured teeth covers the teeth gap and lengthens shorter teeth. Bond is a composite resin, dentists fit it on the cracked or chipped teeth, and your tooth will look new. Contrary to the crowns filling, the color of polish matches with natural teeth color. People often ask why bonding is necessary for just a tiny chip. It is evident that people like to have a bright smile, but chipped teeth create hurdles in their way. Fixing the problem with dental bonding not only restores their smile but ensures your teeth do not chip again.

How Long Teeth Bonding Last?

The duration of teeth bonding depends on eating habits and oral care. According to the expert dentists of Daher clinic, bonding on teeth lasts for almost 5-10 years. After a decade, dentists evaluate the situation and recommend a new bonding or replenish the older one. No special care is required to last long, but you have to pay attention to your oral health and hygiene.

Below are the tips to take proper care of bonding 

  • Do not chew hard foods like candies and ice
  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly with a brush having soft bristles
  • Use a recommended toothpaste that contains fluoride 
  • Avoid sugary beverages 
  • Don’t drink too much hot coffee or chocolate 
  • Eat a balanced diet 
  • Limit smoking and use of alcohol 
  • If you are habitual of grinding teeth, try to overcome it or wear a mouthguard.

Dental bonding is an excellent procedure for the improvement of mouth appearance. Your dentists will examine your oral health and instruct you on the treatments associated with your requirements. The dentist will also inform you about the aftercare of bounding. Moreover, bonding is affordable than veneers when it comes to expense.


Advantages Of Teeth Bonding:
1- Cost-Effective
Teeth bonding is a seamless procedure and cost-effective compared to other cosmetic treatments. The amount of therapy relies on the area you are having treatment. The expert dentists indicate that teeth bonding costs depend on how much material will be used during treatment. In addition, teeth bonding treatment does not require several office visits allowing patients to save time and money.

2- Improves Appearance
Teeth bonding is perfectly designed to sort out several oral imperfections that cause problems with smiles. It is used to hide the chips and cracks caused to teeth because of accidents. Often, patients prefer teeth bonding to hide spotted and stained teeth because of smoking and eating colored foods. It helps them restore the front area of teeth without causing any pain and discomfort—ideal for maintaining the tooth structure.

3- Seamless Procedure
A seamless procedure that requires only one visit to the medical facility. The dentist will start by inserting a chemical compound to rough the teeth’ surface. The chemical mixture will ensure proper attachment of bonding with the tooth. After that, bonding will be applied, and UV light will harden the resin.