How much does Invisalign treatment cost?
  • Daher   •   September 18, 2021

How much does Invisalign treatment cost?

Invisalign is a process in dentistry through which an individual can get his teeth straight. Earlier, metal braces were used for teeth straightening, and people had to tolerate metal braces on their teeth. Thankfully, technology has revolutionized, and metal braces are now replaced with c Invisalign. However, many people ask questions like Invisalign, Invisalign treatment cost, benefits, etc. Here we are going to answer all these questions, and you will be able to understand why Invisalign is better than metal braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign are clear aligners like a tray that is used to straighten the roots and gums of teeth. These are comfortable as compared to metal braces and last for a long. In addition, clear aligners are user-friendly, and you can remove them before eating, drinking, and having chit-chat with your friends. The expert dentist of Ontario London explains that clear aligners are available in custom-made sizes, which will shift your teeth into the appropriate shape, and you will get your shiny smile back. However, many experts indicate that Invisalign treatment cost is higher for an individual who is not budgeted. Additionally, experts claim that clear aligners sometimes do not fit easily because of their complexity.
The individuals who have already tried metal braces are now switching to clear aligners as these plastic trays offer multiple benefits, which metal braces do not have. Below are the benefits of using clear aligners.

Benefits of Invisalign
Consider if teeth are crooked or not aligned appropriately; it will look ugly and cause problems while cleaning. Additionally, it will lead to other oral issues such as tooth loss or put your gum at risk. Using braces is an excellent option for teeth alignments, but props are not attractive, and your fellow member can easily recognize that you are using metal braces for straightening your teeth. In addition, braces cause trouble while cleaning or having meals, and adults might feel embarrassed wearing them. Invisalign brings ease of use by eliminating all the above problems, which can occur using braces. Below are the reasons you should prefer aligner trays as compared to metal braces.

Better Appearance

Clear aligners are not visible like metal braces; aligners are a tray, which the dentists design after taking your teeth impression. That is why aligner trays are comfortable, and no one will readily recognize that you are using something on your teeth. Although Invisalign cost is a bit higher than braces, it offers multiple benefits, and most of all, you can remove Invisalign before and after having your meal or at the time of brushing. However, when you are using braces while having food, there are chances that your food might be caught in them, and you feel awkward. Invisalign is long-lasting, and you can have your comfort while using them.

User friendly
The expert dentist of Ontario London explained that a study was conducted on 12 individuals who were using braces. Multiple efforts were made to remove them, but it did not work. Braces can only be removed if they have to be removed permanently. However, clear aligners offer you the opportunity to withdraw them whenever you want. Apart from that, aligners are very comfortable for the mouth, unlike metal braces. If an individual wants to clear his aligners for any reason other than food or drink, he can easily remove them without visiting his dentist.

Safety matters a lot when It comes to oral health; if an individual uses metal braces, he might suffer a puncture or injury in the gums. On the other hand, clear braces are user-friendly and do not cause any harm despite having sharp edges. Conventional braces are safer, but they might lead to tooth decay. Clear aligners do not have any issues mentioned above as these are plastic trays that do not contain any sharp edges or metals which can cause teeth damage.

Less Duration of Treatment
The expert dentist of Ontario London Explains that using metal braces can delay your desire to have straight teeth as it shows results within 3-+5 years. However, clear aligners do not ask for that much time and bring results in 1 year. Clear aligners involve a series of phases for the treatment. The dentist examines your teeth’ position and prepares a tray; after a few weeks, you need to visit a doctor for the second phase of treatment.

Invisalign cost
Many experts indicate that Invisalign cost is similar to metal braces. However, other experts explain that the price of clear aligners might be high if the case is complex. The treatment cost might vary in some states, but according to a survey, the approximate cost of Invisalign treatment is around $7100. If you are confused about the treatment cost, you can visit the Invisalign doctor’s site to find a satisfactory answer. The precise aligner treatment cost will be around $7000. Your treatment expense might be covered by insurance, and you can avail a worthy treatment.

Invisalign Treatment Process
The transparent aligner process is painless and straight forward and can be performed in the five easy steps mentioned below. 

  • Initial visit
  • Melding Process.
  • Fitting initial tray
  • Follow up visit
  • Straight teeth

You have to visit your dentist for a consultation, and he will examine your situation to recommend clear aligners. However, the Invisalign treatment is not for everyone. Therefore, an initial visit is required so a dentist can recommend the appropriate solution. Now your dentist will take an impression of your teeth with a digital scan and x-ray. After that, he will send the details to prepare a tray considering the reports of the digital scan. Once the tray is ready, your dentists will fit small attachments into your gum to ensure that the tray will work in place. After holding the tray, the dentist will examine and advise you on the oral care treatment plan and apply it. After a few weeks, you might do your last visit and receive another tray, and it will straighten your teeth within 12-15 months.