How To Fix A Chipped Tooth Solutions by Dentists of London Ontario
  • Daher   •   March 29, 2021

How To Fix A Chipped Tooth Solutions by Dentists of London Ontario

Our teeth are sensitive part in the body. Therefore we need to be very protective and conscious about our teeth. Several experts have recommended that a child should be taken to the dentist at the age of three. The expert Dentists of Ontario London suggested that an individual should brush his/her teeth twice a day and pay a visit to the dentist in a month or two.

If we do not brush our teeth properly, then an individual might face number of diseases. Below are serious problems due that can occur in case of not brushing teeth properly?

Chipped Tooth

Several reasons could cause a chipped tooth-like chewing something very hard or grinding your teeth, but the dentists of Ontario London have a common belief that cavities are the main reason that can lead to a chipped tooth. The cavities first weak the tooth. Below are some of the reasons of the chipped tooth

• Pressure due to teeth grinding
• Biting hard food regularly such as ice, hard candy or nuts
• Incidents that lead to hard blow on the mouth, like supporting injury, car accident, or fighting with anyone else.
• Sudden changes of temperature inside the mouth due to extreme eating like eating a hot stake and using ice water to cool your mouth.
• If age is over 50

Mouth Restoration in Ontario London
Mouth restoration is a full reconstruction of the mouth that includes the replacement of all the teeth in the patient’s mouth. Full mouth reconstructions are a combination of aesthetics with the science of restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and cosmetic look. There are several causes that could lead a patient to mouth restoration such as advanced tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Our dentists at Daher Dental in London Ontario are skilled in  mouth restorations.

Below are types of chipped tooth

Craze Lines

Craze lines are in form of small cracks in the tooth enamel. These lines are not dangerous neither require any kind of urgent treatment.

Cracked Cusp
This kind of fracture usually occurs in the surrounding of the tooth filling. Normally, it does not have any negative impact on the teeth pulp (sensitive part of teeth where nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels are available) in result, individual does not feels much pain in the teeth.

Extended fracture in the gum Line
When the fracture in the vertical cracks gets extended but still has not approached the gum line, it is still a solvable problem. If the crack is reached to the gum line, there are strong chances that teeth might be pulled out from the mouth. Dentists of Ontario London offers the finest treatment in this regard

Difficulties of the chipped Tooth
Biggest complication of the chipped tooth might be the infection. There are other symptoms of the infection are numbered below:

• Bad Breath
• Swollen Gums
• Fever
• Glands in the neck

Symptoms of the chipped tooth.

• Felling pain while chewing
• Sensitivity to cold or heat
• Pains that comes often
• Gums swelling or infection

Chipped tooth can be very pain full and dangerous. There are variety of the procedures to cure the problem but no procedure can cure it perfectly. Only way to solve this problem is visiting an expert dentist. Best possible option of curing this problem without seeing a dentist is to accept the pain and try to protect your teeth from inside the mouth to avoid any further injury.

Below is the treatment suggested by the professional dentists of Ontario London

The process is also known as bounding. In this kind of treatment, the doctor applies a plastic resin to fill the crack, trying to restore the original look and tooth function.


Dental crown is a device that is made with the incorporation of ceramic or porcelain. It is very helpful in fixing the damaged tooth by fitting over on the injured place.

Dentists of Ontario London are experts in the dental crowing process and below is how the expert dentist performer crowning.

Initially, the dental experts shaves off the enamel so a room could be created inside your tooth for the crowning. After that, the doctor has to make an impression and select a colour that perfectly matches with your teeth colours. Then doctor sends the impression to the lab for preparation of the crown. The process does not complete in a day. It might requires week, as the crown takes time in returning back from the lab. With recent enhancement in technology, there are some high tech dental facilities have 24/7 available crown to serve their patients right away.

Root Canal

If the crack in the tooth is extensive, it expands into the pulp. In this situation an expert dentist such as Ontario London dentists will suggest to remove the pulp and reinstall integrity in the tooth. The process is highlight recommended to get your tooth from infection or getting weaker.

Up rooting
According to the expert dentist of Ontario London, if the nerves and tooth roots are damaged badly, extraction of the tooth is only option.

Self-Care of chipped tooth
Experts of Ontario London has suggested that if you cannot treat your chipped tooth at home. Still you can manage to prevent the problem,

The more your teeth are strong, there are less chances of a cracked tooth. Therefore try your best to practice a decent dental hygiene. An individual must brush twice a day, floss on daily visit and do visit to the dentists in every 6 months.

While staying at home, try not to chew hard foods. Do use a mouth guard if you are more of a sports person rinse your water with boiled water and use a cold compress on the outside of the cheek so you can get rid of swelling gum problems.

Closing Notes
A chipped tooth is a problem that many of individuals phase in their life. There are thousands of procedures available for the treatment of this problem.

Expert dentists of Ontario London had suggested that a chipped or a cracked tooth will never be repaired 100%. Still there are number of prompt treatment procedures that can help in heeling the pain. But in the result of these treatments, your mouth could be sore and the pain could remain for number of days.

A reasonable dental hygiene such as stay away from chewing hard foods, using a mouth guard while playing cricket or any sport, will protect your smile for a longer time.