Fast Braces®

Do you want an inexpensive  and fast option to straighten your teeth?

FastBraces® is a new technology that is more affordable than regular braces or Invisalign® and can straighten your teeth in less than 120 days!

Orthodontics is a highly effective treatment option for aligning crooked teeth and correcting other alignment-related problems in dentistry. It is done to treat many different oral conditions. Most of the time, patients prefer a fast and affordable treatment option. If you are among those people, then fast braces are one of the best options available for your problem. It corrects teeth alignment so fast that you will be amazed to see the transformation in a few days.

Most patients will remove their FastBraces® in less than 120 days, which is much faster than Invisalign or traditional/regular metal braces. At Daher Dental, we are one of the few clinics that offer FastBraces® to our patients and have extensive experience and expertise in helping people straighten their teeth quickly. The best part is that since FastBraces requires patients to wear them for a shorter period of time, they are much more affordable and less costly than traditional metal braces or Invisalign.

Fast Braces for Fast Alignment Correction

FastBraces® is an inclusive orthodontic treatment, just like conventional braces. It is also a long-lasting cosmetic treatment. Fast braces prove to be a great substitute for traditional treatments such as metal and bracket braces and are capable of fixing and rectifying non-align bites or malocclusions, such as bite problems, twisted teeth, abnormal spacing, and crossbites. FastBraces® is one of the top treatments people prefer to seek since it takes less than 120 days and, in some cases, 90 days or less to see results.

Let’s talk about how FastBraces® works; well. It functions by using breakthrough technology that is designed to fasten the process of conventional braces. FastBraces® technology starts working from day one with original braces. This method is used for reestablishing alveolar bone and treating the gums of other patients. This method allows the process of straightening the roots to a vertical position.  This patented technology enables patients using FastBraces® to grow alveolar bone in order to straighten their teeth quickly and prevent tooth mobility or any additional surgery of the jaw. 

How Can Fast Braces Benefit You?

There are several benefits of fast braces, which are given below:

  • It is affordable, much less expensive than traditional braces and Invisalign®.
  • Shows noticeable improvement in a few days and gives great results in less than 120 days.
  • Less painful as compared to traditional metal braces.
  • The fast alignment supports dentists to carry out other dental procedures easily, such as cleaning twisted teeth and cementing crowns, veneers, or implants.
  • Patients feel relatively less anxiety due to the short-term treatment period.

Fast braces are a great option for children, teenagers, and adults who want to straighten their teeth quickly and are looking for an affordable option that would impart quicker and long-lasting results. Moreover, fast braces offer much more convenience and cost reduction. That’s why the procedure proves to be quite inexpensive than conventional braces.

Traditionally, in the case of conventional braces, patients have to regularly visit their dentist in London Ontario to have their brace wires adjusted or replaced, but the placement of fast braces usually requires a single wire throughout the process, which reduces the number of dental appointments required during the teeth straightening treatment.

Moreover, the wires and brackets used in fast braces are much more comfortable and have better cosmetic appeal than traditional metal braces. Patients usually experience less sensitivity or discomfort with fast braces because of the flexibility of wires. Clear brackets also make these braces less noticeable or visible on the teeth.

Approximate Costs of Fast Braces

Fast braces are usually more affordable than traditional braces and Invisalign. After the placement, these braces start to show results within 2 to 3 months, and they require fewer dental visits for adjustments which cut down the costs to a great extent. On average, the costs of fast braces are around $3500 to $4000, but these are inconsistent prices and vary greatly based on several factors, like your region, the extent of teeth alignment issues, and the quality of fast braces.

One of the greatest advantages of fast braces is the shortest time period required to use them. These braces help move the entire tooth at the same time, which significantly reduces the time spent wearing them. If you want to align your teeth within a few months, Fast braces can be a great option that will help you achieve straightened teeth much faster than with Invisalign.


Fast braces can move teeth out of the dental arch and are considered to be really effective in correcting various dental problems, including overbite, crossbite, underbite, and malocclusions. These braces can also fix issues like jaw alignment problems, unmatched dental midlines, overcrowding or unwanted spacing of teeth, and chewing and speech disorders.

Fast braces effectively treat problems like misaligned, overlapped, crooked, or overcrowded teeth and can also fix bite problems and jaw alignment issues. People suffering from any of the above-mentioned dental issues should consider getting fast braces as soon as possible.

If dental problems remain untreated for prolonged periods, they can exert serious consequences on our oral as well as general health.

Moreover, fast braces are specifically designed to be used by people of any age group trying to straighten their teeth. Unlike other teeth straightening alternatives, such as clear aligners, which are usually limited to teenagers and adults, Fastbraces can correct the teeth alignment problems of children as well as of adults.

Fast braces are a modern approach in dentistry to correct various oral problems. These braces have a new technology that is quite different from conventional braces and allow treatments that last only for a few months. Traditional braces usually work by moving the tooth crowns in the first year, and then they start moving the tooth roots in the second year. On the other hand, fast braces move the entire tooth, both the crown and the root, toward its desired position simultaneously. This cuts down the treatment’s time period to about three to 12 months.