Teeth whitening

If you want to have a teeth whitening done then the most secure and best method to brighten teeth is through professional whitening.

Teeth whitening at our dental office gives the most effective outcomes  and is safe to your teeth and oral health. 

We offer many different teeth whitening procedures but the two main and popular choices are the following: :

1. At our dental clinic we offer Philips ZOOM® which is the most popular and convenient method for teeth whitening!

We offer this procedure in our office and it takes about 2 hours. You will see results right after the procedure!

ZOOM® Whitening offers patients with an effective, quick and safe way to get whiter teeth with only 1 visit required!

Our dental staff will make sure you get the right instructions and follow ups on how to maintain your new white teeth!

2. Take Home Teeth Whitening Bleaching Kit

We offer patients with the ability to have a custom teeth whitening kit where they are able to touch up and whiten their teeth at home. 

We will take impressions of your teeth and customize a teeth whitening kit that fits your specific teeth to ensure the best results possible.

Although there are many over the counter teeth whitening kits, our kit ensures you will receive a custom tray that fits your teeth to ensure you get the best results and avoids contact with your gums. This will reduce the sensitivity you may have when using the teeth whitening kits. 

Take home bleaching kits will provide results within 2 weeks of use!

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