Invisalign Oral Health Care Tips From Our Dentists in London Ontario
  • Daher   •   February 15, 2021

Oral Health Care Tips From Our Dentists in London Ontario

What is Oral Health
World health organization (WHO) explains oral health as a condition in which an individual does not have any mouth or teeth issues such as an Oral Infection, Tooth Decay, Tooth Loss, and other oral disorders. As per the world dental federation, oral health means the capability to speak, smile, touch, and have a variety of emotions via facial expressions without any craniofacial pain.

Dental Emergency & When to See A Dentist in London Ontario for  A Dental Emergency

What is a dental emergency? Our dentists at Daher Dental London Ontario suggest that a dental emergency is when:
• You feel bleeding in your mouth
• Tooth Pain, major infection, swollen and painful mouth
• Damage of tooth, unexpected trauma to the mouth

If you have a dental emergency call your dentist immediately. To avoid a dental emergency, make sure to brush and floss your teeth, avoid any trauma to the mouth and see your dentist on a regular basis.

Mouth Restoration in Ontario London
Mouth restoration is a full reconstruction of the mouth that includes the replacement of all the teeth in the patient’s mouth. Full mouth reconstructions are a combination of aesthetics with the science of restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and cosmetic look. There are several causes that could lead a patient to mouth restoration such as advanced tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Our dentists at Daher Dental in London Ontario are skilled in  mouth restorations.

Mouth Restoration Stages

The first step involves of a mouth restoration is the examination of the current condition of the patient’s mouth. The process of mouth reconstruction includes.
• Analysis of teeth, soft tissues, neck
• X-Rays
• Examination of bite and TMJ function
• Medical history evaluation

Our dentists then make a plan of action by addressing all the critical oral problems that can damage the patient’s oral health. Afterwards we review and explain the restoration  process and how we will help make a perfect smile!  We always give a lot of time dedicated for the patient to ask all their questions and fully understand the process.

Treatment Plan
Mouth restoration at Daher Dental London Ontario is based on a simple and concise process. The mouth restoration treatment includes

Periodontal care
A Non-surgical therapy of the gum for the purpose of controlling the periodontal care.

The preparation requires bone crafting; it is performed after the advice of the dentist.

Tooth Restoration
Dental restoration includes a number of things such as crown inlays, root canal therapy, dental bridges, and bonded fittings.

Cosmetic treatment
In cosmetic treatment, the dentists perform teeth whitening, veneers, and several other procedures as per requirement.

FasBraces, Traditional Braces or Invisalign braces can be used to help with teeth straightening. 

Periodontal Diseases

Initially, Periodontal Disease destroys your sensitive gum tissues. The early indication of this problem is swollen gum, due to this issue, there is a strong chance of gingivitis. If this kind of problem remains untreated, then It may turn into periodontal diseases. When you have periodontal disease, your bone and the gum tissue will start to erode and then it may lead to tooth loss.

Below are some of the signs that our dentists at daher dental look for when checking periodontal disease

• Space between teeth and growing separation
• Pus seeping from the gums
• Bleeding from Gums
• Loose Tooth
• Gums turned into red.

How to Cure Periodontal Disease
Our dental team believe that periodontal diseases are quite serious, but with the assistance of our skilled dental team we can help cure it especially when  diagnosed in the early stage.  Advanced gum issue is reversible with the help of periodontics (a process that involves deep cleaning and a non-surgical treatment that is known as root planning).

Our dentists are experts in providing highly professional dental treatment for patients in London Ontario First, they will start by cleaning your root surface deep down in your gum line while scaling and root planning. This helps in the removal of harmful tartar, developed from your teeth and gum tissues. There are several surgical procedures that can be used to get rid of periodontal problems. Crown lengthening and tissue grafts can assist in the treatment of periodontal diseases.

Moreover, our dentists are experts in performing laser treatments as well. Dental lasers are also known as tissue laser, and they are  popular for cutting of the oral tissues. The laser treatment is ideal for precision cutting and elimination of bleeding and reduce the healing time for the patient.
Lasers have many advantages when it comes to dental problems. Laser kills the harmful bacteria that is available at the deep below the gum line and removes the dangerous tissue without hurting the healthier tissues. That is the reason, laser treatment results in less bleeding as compared to other traditional treatments.

• Lasers are effective In
• Performing the Biopsy Process.
• Removal of the inflamed gum tissues and helps in quick healing
• Reshape the gum and tissues of the bone

Oral health is important for every human being, therefore professional dentists have recommended that teeth checkups should be started at the age of 3 to ensure that your kid has no mouth problems.